2018/02/15 Winning a guest review award 2017!!

We have a great news for everyone.
The guest house Itabashijuku won guest review award 2017!!
The staffs are very happy about it and very proud of it.
Thanks for everyone who stayed here and for everyone who always support the guest house and the crew.
We are trying to make the guest house to be even a better place than 2017 in this year.
Please come and stay here with us.

We are planing on having a lot of fun events in 2018

Pictures from our previous events.
Shyo-do(Japanese calligraphy) experience and Board game night.
More fun events are coming in 2018. Do not miss it out 😉

2018/01/01 Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! welcome 2018.
A lot of fun events will be taken at Itabashijuku this year.
Please come here for stay or even just visit us. you are always the most welcome.

2 April 2016 Tokyo Guesthouse Itabashi-Juku Cherry Blossom Party

We had a cherry blossom party with our guests and neighbors!! We made Takoyaki together which was fun and really tasty. We are so glad that we could provide opportunity to have international and cultural exchange like this!! We really appreciate all of them for comming:)

26 December 2016 Tokyo Guesthouse Itabashi-Juku Christmas Party

This was our first big event ever since we opened. Thanks to those guest who show up and there were a lot of kids from neighbor coming to our party as well. Our staff teached them how to fold an origami and make a key chain with a plastic. It seemed like everybody had so much fun like we did!! We are planing to do more events near future. Stay tuned!!

21 September 2016 Tokyo Guest House Itabashijuku Grand Opening!

Tokyo Guest House Itabashijuku Grand Opening! Itabashijuku is built with the woody appearance under the concept for you to feel “WA”, the spirit of Japan.
We welcome you with the mind of “Omotenashi”- the great hospitality mind rooted in Japan.

6 August 2016 Itabashi Fireworks Festival

Itabashi Fireworks Festival Itabashi Fireworks Festival is held in every August with over 500,000 audiences.


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